International Trade

★   Purchase Order

  • Cosmetics,Foods,Alcohol,Drinks, Daily supplies, Pet supplies, Camera equipment, Audio products, Auto parts, Industrial electrical accessories
  • Household/Engineering vehicles, Ships, Industrial equipment, Industrial machinery


  • OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Custom Production

Auction & Bidding By Agent

  • Network Auction: On Yahoo &Rakuten
  • Live Auction: Vehicles, Antique, Bidding for the Government auction

Consulting for Price of the Special Cargoes & Bulk Stock

  • International Logistics

Door To Door Service by the Air transport

  • By Japan Post, Fedex, DHL, Ups
  • Tariff Subsidy Transportation ( Mainland China Area)

General Air Transport

Export of Shipping Containers

Bulk Cargoes Export

  • Storage & Packing Service
  • Provide goods transport agent service and storage service
  • Goods Receipt & Packing Export